About SharpCut

SharpCut is a simple video editing utility that allows you to cut individual scenes out of videos without re-encoding.

Other tools like this do exist out there, for example LosslessCut. However, unlike LosslessCut this application is NOT written in JavaScript. It was created to address one of the biggest shortcomings of LosslessCut - abysmal timeline scrubbing performance.

SharpCut is much less featured than LosslessCut, but boasts superior timeline scrubbing performance. This is a big advantage when working on large (and long) video files. Unlike LosslessCut, it does not need to remux containers other than MPEG-4 (.mp4) in order to make files work with HTML5 <video> tag.

SharpCut Screenshot


SharpCut is absolutely free. If you'd like to help pay for the server and make sure we have enough coffee - click the link below. If you donate (any amount) you will get access to the beta update channel. Do make sure to shoot us an email with the confirmation of your donation so we can get you started.

Conflagrate is an organization we have created for the purpose of publishing software under a single brand, you can find out more about Conflagrate and get our contact information in the "About us" section.


SharpCut is currently available only for Windows and requires an x64 procesor. This means it is supported by all modern systems, but it will not run on ARM and ARM64 based systems. Support for more platforms and operating systems is planned for future releases of SharpCut.

If you are operating a software distribution/aggregation website or platform, we ask you that you either link to this webpage directly or use your own mirrors for hosting the installer. Please make sure to update your screenshots and information whenever a new release is published.

Windows, x64

Download installer (.exe) Download portable release (.zip)

Download - stores

Alternatively, you may download SharpCut v1.3 from other sources. It's completely free of charge - we do not charge money for the Microsoft store version.

Softpedia - Clean download

Source code

SharpCut v1.x is now open-souced under the GPL3 license. You can grab a copy of the source code and contribute over at GitHub.


Change log

Below you will find the list of recent (since v1.3.0) changes to SharpCut. For a longer list (going back to v1.0.1), please check the "Change log" functionality in the software under the "About" menu item.

Version v1.4.7

Version v1.4.6

Version v1.4.5

Version v1.4.4

Version v1.4.3

Version v1.4.2

Version v1.4.1

Version v1.4.0

Version v1.3.3

Version v1.3.2

Version v1.3.1

Version v1.3.0